Big Gainer


40 g Protein | Per Serving

99 g Carb | Per Serving

527 KCL | Per Serving

8 g Fat | Per Serving

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MUSCLE CORE BIG GAINER is specially designed for those persons who recently joined the gym and wants to convert their lean body to a strong body. It contains Whey protein isolate to give you the power. It contains Carbohydrate in good ratio which plays a key role in weight gaining. It also gives you strength, Stamina & Energy during your intense workout. You from the best source of protein ( Whey Protein ) with its highest biological value. It is an effective Gain supplements to gain and maintain weight beginners. MUSCLE CORE BIG GAINER supplies the minerals and energy required to gain weight. This product can provide extra calories per day other than your regular diet. Your body may start feeling the results after the use for six to eight weeks in proper dose suggested by your trainer. The results may vary from person to person.

So all healthy male & Female if you want to give a good weight to your body than you should go only with MUSCLE CORE BIG GAINER.

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